Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Depravity Goes Primetime

Recently, Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, was moved to tears when discussing the so-called Florida Parental Rights bill. The bill prohibits school teachers in Florida from discussing issues related to sexuality with children in grades K to 3rd. In other words, children in the age group of around 5 to 8 will not be subjected to listening to their teachers indoctrinate them about sexuality (which is usually done by homosexual advocates). 

The fact that such a bill has to be passed is problematic enough. But when people who are at the highest levels of government in this country actually are reduced to tears because perverts are not allowed to indoctrinate children into their deviant sexual habits, then we have definitely reached the bottom of the barrel. How do you justify wanting to speak to children about transexuality or homosexuality and how they may need to explore their own sexuality? That time in a child's life is among the most confused for children. They are constantly wavering from one thing to another because they are exploring their environment, their own selves, and their place in society. It is a time when they are most vulnerable to being influenced. Not only so, but children in that age group are not interested in the least about sexuality and issues surrounding that subject. The only interest that they muster comes at the behest of people such as the teachers protesting this bill who are not content with living their perversions quietly. They need to feel validated, even by the youngest in our society.

There has been a lot of talk among Christian (especially evangelical) groups and individuals about what Romans 13 means and how it applies to us today. This has been especially true in the context of the continuing COVID pandemic and the response that Christians should have to the variety of mandates that have come from government. One thing that is beyond question, however, is the fact that the government has been ordained by God to protect the law-abiding (indeed to reward him or her) and to punish the evil doer. Thus, in the current controversy in Florida, government is not only within its rights, but also its God-given obligation to protect some of those who are the most vulnerable among us. The same thing could be said about the laws that are currently being passed in various states seeking to outlaw abortion.

Our society is now one where lying to people and leading them to destruction is preferable than telling them the truth and somehow "offending" them. It is better, our masters, including our president tell us to tell people that a man can become a woman and that children should be castrated and mutilated than to tell them that such actions will not only obliterate who they are, but will also lead them to the very doors of hell. Truly the world has been turned upside down. Men have always been depraved, but seldom in human history have they seemed to rush headlong to perdition and obliteration with such zeal. Long ago Paul wrote that a husband should love his wife as he loves his own body. "After all," said the apostle, "no one hates his own body, but cherish it and cares for it..." (Ephesians 5:29). Our world has not only turned that on its head, but it has done so with astounding proficiency! Truly, repentance must come or the ire of God will be terrifying in its breath.




  1. Brother, we are definitely living in the times of ROMANS 1:18-32. Not only are they reveling in their sin and debauchery, as well as cheering on others to hell in it, but have Purposefully created an agenda targeting children, those whose minds can be Easily molded and manipulated, to indoctrinate into Their religion of sexual depravity and political leanings, in the hopes of creating a new generation of themselves. I praise GOD for the pandemic in this way, as there is Always good that comes out of bad, HE used it to bring to the light what was being done in darkness, prompting parents Everywhere to become involved in their children's schooling at Every level, and now with the truth brought to bare, fighting for their children at every turn, because another aspect of this is GOD Sovereignly having the so called teachers, groomers, recording themselves on platforms such as Tik Tok, Twitter, and Facebook stating the quiet part out loud of what they have been doing all along.

    1. One of hallmarks of the vanity of man is that he needs to feel validated. Thus, those who engage in these sort of practices are not content with doing so, as I said in the article, quietly in a corner. They need you, me, and anyone else they can reach to accept and celebrate what they're doing. And, as you correctly point out, each generation's practices and values will only go as far as the next generation. The folks who push the homosexual agenda know this well and are extremely proficient at inculcating their corrupt values into the next generation. We need to stand fast and not allow these folks to corrupt our children. They need to repent, it's true, but they will only do so if the Lord has mercy upon them and grants them repentance. In the meantime, we cannot allow this perversion to take hold of our children. If we do, our values will die with us. Blessings.

  2. It is totally sad to see how what God created is being distorted. I can only say that Satan is having a feast with the way people are pleasing him in the downfall of man.