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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Perfected Through Trials

I have often wondered why things seem to go so well for me and my family. We don’t have the problems that afflict so many others. Our children are relatively well adjusted and we did not have any problems of drug addiction or issues similar to that which often accompany the teenage, rebellious years. We have lived in comfort and, I dare say, luxury for a good portion of our adult lives and have never really experienced need to the extent that many face. When all things are considered, our lives have been quite comfortable and relatively free of difficulties and trials.

Friday, July 7, 2017

The Wars of Man

Recently I watched a series of documentaries detailing the events that led to and that eventually brought to an end World War II. The very first thing that captures your attention, is the unspeakable carnage that the war brought to the peoples of the world, especially in Europe and Asia. By the most accurate estimates, nearly 70 million people lost their lives in a war which was unleashed by the maniacal delusions of Adolf Hitler and the imperial designs of Japan and Italy. For more than a decade, most of the peoples of the world were embroiled in a war that consumed the better part of a whole generation of young men. Men who in most cases had only begun to live before they met their demise.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Tolerance: The Utopia That Wasn’t

Recently, conservative commentator David French wrote in a National Review article titled "We’re Not in a Civil War, but We Are Drifting Toward Divorce," about the increasing polarization of our citizenry. According to Mr. French, our nation has seen a continuing trend, which has accelerated in the last 20 years, of people self-segregating into like-minded enclaves around the country. If you look, for example, at the now famous electoral map, you will understand what he means. The country is sharply divided between red and blue states, a fact that indicates not only what the politics of a particular region are, but also its general ideology.