Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The Sabbath (conclusion)

It was Martin Luther who pondered the question "Am I alone wise?" when he was asked whether he stood by the things he had written concerning the church and justification by faith at the Diet of Worms. He pondered the question, not because he doubted the truth of Scripture, but because he understood that man is foible and is prone to believe and think in ways that are contrary to the truth. He also understood that there can be but one truth, not a variety of "truths"—the current fad of our society.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Sabbath part III

In the continuing series regarding the Sabbath, I have been examining issues relating to the observance of the Sabbath by some groups today. Last time, I spoke of matters regarding why the Sabbath observance of the seventh day of the week is no longer viable or valid. Although the Sabbath has not been eliminated, it is now the Lord's Day or the first day of the week. Its observance, however, is not of the same kind as it was for the Jews. The first and most glaring difference, is that we are no longer to execute anyone who does not refrain from work during that day. I also introduced Covenant Theology and what it means for the Sabbath and its observance.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

The Sabbath part II

Last time, I began discussing the role of the Sabbath in the life of the Christian. I concluded that the handful of "Christian" denominations that observe the Sabbath as still special, in the mold of the Old Covenant, do so not because they are compelled by Scripture to do so, but because they fundamentally misunderstand the role of the Sabbath and the 4th Commandment within the Jewish Law and its repercussions for the Christian.