Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Morality of a Nation

During this past holiday season, my wife and I were discussing the so-called "Black Friday" and the effect that commercialism and society's new approach to morality have had on our country. During our growing up years, stores would be closed all day on Thanksgiving and usually would not open until  mid-morning or later the next day. The same would take place during the Christmas holiday. Now, however, the trend moving in the opposite direction is astounding for its speed and seeming disregard for anything other than the bottom line. Now, I'm not one who decries profits or that believes that commerce should be done without regard to the bottom line. But the greater point here is not about profits, but about how our country's moral moorings have eroded in little more than a generation.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Does This Kind of Love Win?

One of the defining characteristics of the information age is that anyone with a keyboard can become a bestselling author. Take the case of Rob Bell as a clear example of this trend. In his bestselling book “Love Wins,” Mr. Bell sets out to dispel, in his view, the many mistaken ideas that people have about heaven, hell and everything in between. As Mr. Bell sees it, Christendom is full of misguided ideas about what Christianity is all about and what God will do at the end of the age. The thought that some will be given eternal life and others will be eternally condemned is too much for Mr. Bell to handle. His idea of heaven is simply a glorified earth where people will live happy go lucky sort of lives and war, pestilence, disease and hunger will all have vanished. And of course, eventually everyone will “make it” if they want to.