Sunday, January 31, 2016

What Really Happened at Nicaea?

In the last article, I mentioned how the Bible is constantly under attack even by those who set themselves forth as its most ardent defenders. Among the religious, many feel the need to attack the reliability and accuracy of the Bible in order to support their errant doctrines. Those who so do, run the gamut from those who declare that the Bible is inspired and inerrant, but nonetheless not enough for our salvation, to those who have multiplied the number of their sacred “scriptures” as an addendum to the Bible. The additional writings will never fail to add to, and always contradict, what the Bible has to say.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Bible: Always Under Attack!

Have you noticed how often the Bible is under attack by those who purport to be its defenders? Think of how just about every Christmas, you will see television program producers, blog and magazine article authors and others on social media, tell us that they will set the record straight and tell us the “real” story of the Bible. From the Newsweek article of Christmas 2014 to the Mormon missionary knocking on your door, they all are out to disabuse you of the notion that the Bible you have in your hands is the faithful, inerrant word of God. Then you have the countless internet articles that seek to tell us what “really” happened at Nicea, code word for “Constantine changed the Bible and that is why we have the books we have today.” After all, didn’t the Davinci Code set the record straight?

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Christian and the New Year

It is inevitable: the New Year comes and out come the new year’s resolutions. It is human nature, I suppose, that we have the tendency to look at the turning of the calendar as a new beginning even though the first day of January doesn't look any different than the last day of December. What we failed to do in the year that went by we hope we will be able to accomplish in the New Year. And conversely, what we did that we perhaps don’t feel too good about, we hope we won’t repeat in the year that has begun. But, what about our spiritual lives? Do we think about improving our spiritual health the way that we do our physical health? Do we want to drop bad spiritual habits the way we want to drop excess pounds?