Monday, February 26, 2024

"They Do Listen!"

One of the issues that affects the church at all times and in every place, is the influence that society has upon it. We often speak of the influence that the church should have on society, but we seldom stop to think about how much the church is being changed and, at times even molded in the image of the unbelieving world around it. It is important to remember, as well, that Christians did not just appear out of nothing and drop into the church. We all come from a particular environment, and that environment, like it or not, has had, and to a certain extent continues to have, an influence on us.

Saturday, February 17, 2024

How is God the Foundation of All Knowledge?

One of the ways in which we know that there is a God, is the fact that without Him man cannot know anything. It is because there is a God that we can understand facts, figures, and anything else. During a recent Bible study, we discussed the fact that the secular mind thinks of time as random. In other words, there is no rhyme or reason to time, events, actions; they just simply exist for no particular purpose and with no particular end. That is why evolutionary science so-called, is unable to truly know the truth about the origins of the universe and how it functions. Sure, scientist may know certain things about the universe, but they only know those things because there is a God who has provided order for the universe and Who, unbeknown to the evolutionist, has provided him the ability to know those truths. A totally random, purposeless creation would be impossible to understand simply because what is true today would no longer be true tomorrow. We see this reality in how scientists are constantly changing the age of the universe because to believe that the universe is random will necessarily result in random, unordered "knowledge." 

As Christians we are not left at the mercy of random, unguided, impersonal processes. We have a personal God who is working within time to bring about His good purposes. Nothing that takes place is by chance. We don't have "luck," we know that all that happens is ordered by divine providence (Romans 8:28). This truth gives us great comfort as we face the difficulties of life. Not only do we know that what is taking place at any given time is ordained by God, but we also understand that the end of these events, and even life in general, is a glorious one in the presence of our Lord. We have hope, and knowledge, because we have a God who has given us hope and who is Himself a God of knowledge. With this in mind, we can live victorious lives that will be a testimony to His grace and love.

 "Truth itself is grounded in God. Truths are things we can discover, what philosophers call truth propositions, but they also have the properties of thought, but they can't be our thoughts because truth is what it is regardless of how we think about it. A good argument can be made that truths are divine thoughts and you can't have knowledge without truth and so in so far as truth depends on God, knowledge also depends on God."