Saturday, August 20, 2016

“Chosen Before the Foundation of the World”

There are few doctrines in the Bible that as misunderstood as the doctrine of election. There are those for whom the doctrine cannot possibly mean what it clearly describes since that would make God an “unfair” God who chooses whom he wishes and fails to choose whom he wishes. Then there is the other side which acknowledges the necessary difficulties with the doctrine, but that nonetheless acknowledges and understands that what God has chosen to do and what he has revealed in his word is entirely within his own will and purview. After all, He said to Moses that he would have mercy on whom he wished to have mercy (Exodus 4). An injunction that is repeated by Paul in Romans nine to make the point that God indeed determines the course of history, going so far as to use the imagery of the potter and the clary to make his point.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

"Let Us Go On to Maturity"

Recently my wife and I decided that we would begin meeting with a different church group than the one we had met with for decades. Although we have changed physical locations many times since we met in the early 80’s, we have attended and been members of churches of Christ for the entirety of our 32-year marriage. Thus, it is not lightly that we came to the conclusion that God wants us where we are now meeting (Grace Baptist Church) rather than continuing to be members of the church of Christ. And the reasons for our change of heart are rather simple to explain, but were immensely difficult to accept.