Friday, April 26, 2024

The Morally Upside Down Society

There is an urban legend that says that, when the British surrendered to the Continental Army at Yorktown (the battle that effectively ended the war) during the Revolutionary War, their band played "The World Turned Upside Down." Whether this story is true or not, we cannot deny that today we are most assuredly living in the upside down society. A few examples of this trend will suffice to show that our society is under the judgment of God and in the process has been rendered, with few exceptions, unable to think clearly.

The first example comes to us from something that should make us all cringe. There were several videos making the rounds on social media about people who have been deprived of their homes by squatters. These squatters have taken advantage of various situations to stake their "claim" on the homes of unsuspecting homeowners. In one of these instances, the person who was squatting in the home came to it via renting. This is perhaps the most common of all the scams that squatters engage in. The individual enters into a contract with a homeowner to rent the home for a particular amount of money and a particular length of time. In time, however, he will stop paying the rent and, when the homeowner attempts to evict the renter, the process he has to go through is so onerous that it sometimes stretches for years.

Another example of the squatting trend are folks who come to a home that is on sale under the pretention of wanting to consider the home for purchase. What ends us happening is that the individual(s) will stay on in the home and begin to move in as though they had already purchased the home. In one case I saw, the people squatting even changed the locks to the home so the actual homeowner could not come back into their home. One clever home owner resorted to "reverse squatting" where he would become a squatter himself and take away the home from the squatter that rightfully belonged to the reverse squatter in the first place.

It is not only squatting that has become the norm and which the law seems incapable, or more accurately, unwilling to stop. Witness the many cases where police and other citizens have been arrested, indicted, and in many cases convicted because they sought to stop a crime. We have seen the many videos where police have been under assault and when, predictably, they have to fight back they are often accused and harassed as though they were the criminals. In New York City, Daniel Penny was arrested after he stopped a deranged individual who was voicing loud threats to harm passengers in a subway. In the ensuing scuffle (which resulted in Penny restraining the individual), the individual ended up dying and Penny is now under indictment for supposedly murdering him.

It has been truly said that when society subsidizes a particular behavior or set of behaviors it will get more of them. The more money that is doled out by government programs, for example, ostensibly in the name of helping the needy, the more we see those same "needy" demand more and become less industrious and productive. The more we incentivize drug use by decriminalizing drugs and making it possible for people to "safely" shoot up, the more we witness what is going on in San Francisco; feces on the streets, tent cities, and the inability of law abiding citizens to do much more than run for their lives. Think of all the stores that have had to leave certain cities because laws against shop lifting have all of a sudden become "unenforceable."

The Bible, as always, gives us the answer to such incredible behavior. It tells us that a society that has abandoned God, as ours is increasingly doing, will be under His judgment. The more people cast off moral restraint and the fear of God, the more deranged and insane they become. When society rejects God, it can only run to the other alternative--the Devil. Make no mistake, there is no other option. People think that they can be morally neutral, but that is nothing more than a further manifestation of the delusion they are under and which we see all around us. "He that is not with me is against me and he that gathers not with me scatters abroad" (Matthew 12:30). Are we for God? If not, remember that the Devil is a cruel taskmaster!