Saturday, November 12, 2016

Why Genesis Matters

The last time I gave an introduction as to why the account of creation in Genesis matters and why, if it is not true, our trust in the whole of the Bible is on shaky ground. This time, I’d like to finish with five more reasons as to why Genesis matters and why those who claim that we can be believers without believing in the creation account are misguided.

Genesis One is the foundation for moral accountability.
A standard for human conduct, an accountability for behavior, and consequences for irresponsibility are defined from the beginning of human toil. Right there in Genesis we find God giving His human creation the very first law. All man had to do was obey that one prohibition and he would enjoy the fellowship of the Creator without hindrance and without sorrow. But if Genesis is not true, then what do we know of the law and what objective standard for morality exists? The atheist will attempt to tell you that we can be moral citizens without the need for a creator. The problem with such a notion is that it will leave us without any foundation or mooring. What one person decides is moral will not be what another one decides is. We see that today in ever increasing measure. The postmodern society that humanity has fashioned, has been designed to be purposefully devoid of any judgment about what truth is. Thus, we all have our own “truth” and when the truth is determined by each individual, then there is no truth! As much as they attempt to believe so, human beings are not given a democratic vote nor are they left to do what they may choose without consequences. If you insist on engaging in sin, the consequences of such behavior will be apparent and obvious (Galatians 6).

Foundation for trust in Jesus.
Genesis One and its corollary passages place Jesus, the Incarnate Word, as having been present and active in the creation of the world. Knowing the Father, coming from and returning to His divine presence makes Jesus One to be trusted in all He preached and in the purposes of His earthly coming. But if the account in Genesis is not true, then right at the onset of the Bible we’re faced with the difficult task of trying to determine just what sin is and why it had to be dealt with the way it was. Remember that we encounter the first prophesy about the Messiah right there in Genesis three. If the account of creation is not true, then the remedy for sin is left without a foundation and Jesus’ sacrifice cannot be seen as the only and necessary action for the redemption of mankind.

Foundation for the worship of God.
Creation, alone, would make the Creator God a worthy object of worship and service. The fact that God created all things ex nihilo, out of nothing, shows that the God of universe has a power that we humans cannot begin to imagine even in our wildest imaginations. That, and that alone, is enough to cause us, his creation, to fall on our knees and worship Him for the awesome God that He is. Remember that every time anyone in the Bible had a vision of God, the immediate reaction was one of dread, fear and complete astonishment. When man comes face to face with God, the dirtiness of our lives, even of the best of our lives, becomes self-evident. Pantheism, dualism, Gnosticism, deism, materialism and liberalism, all fall in shambles around Genesis One. None of those worldviews can be true if the God of Genesis is the true God.

Foundation for Evangelism and Service.
The God of Genesis One must be shared with all ages, nations and cultures. People need to know where they came from, what their nature is, why they are on earth and what their destiny is and how Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, their only hope of salvation. The God whose intimate relationship humankind lost because of its sin, can now be worshiped, adored and served because of what Jesus has done. That is a message that is truly worth embracing and sharing. The word eujgge>lion (eugelion) says it all: the good news. What can be better news than the fact that God has made it possible for us to be restored to a right and intimate relationship with Him? And Genesis shows us not only why it was necessary for Jesus to die, but also the fact that God, from the outset, went about restoring that relationship!

Foundation for hope of eternal life.
One’s certainty in creation, leads to one’s certainty in prophecy, strengthens one’s reliance on God’s promises, establishes a firm basis of faith in Jesus, in the Cross and in His resurrection. Because Genesis is true, we can also believe that what Revelation says about heaven, the heavenly Jerusalem, the tree of life and the bright shining city is also true. Genesis provides the blueprint for what God has done, but also for what He will do. The Bible is not a book of defeat, but of victory. The only foe defeated is the Devil. The victory that Jesus secured for us will endure for eternity and the fruits of that victory will be tasted by His people in that same measure. Truly, it would be impossible for anyone to worship God in the way that those who are redeemed will be able to do. Were it not for redemption, our worship would lack the knowledge that, were it not for God’s amazing love and grace, we would be lost and without hope throughout eternity. Nothing can be more amazing and praiseworthy than that!

Yes, Genesis matters and it matters because it tells us in no uncertain terms that God is the creator, that He is the sustainer and that He is the victor in the story of humanity. If Genesis is not true, our faith stands on shaky ground. But Genesis is true, and because it is we can have confidence that our future is a bright and glorious one, beholding the face of our God!!


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