Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Get Ready To Struggle!

In 1960's China, "The Cultural Revolution" unleashed untold violence and death on millions of Chinese who were considered traitors to the cause of the Communist Party. In the wake of the "Great Leap Forward," which killed by some estimates as many as 50 million Chinese and which was a great example of an "oxymoronically" named campaign, Mao decided that there were too many traitors in China's midst. The traitors, or counter-revolutionaries as Mao dubbed them, needed to be excised from society for the good of the country.

To accomplish their end, Mao and the Chinese Communist Party appropriated a term and turned it into much more than what it originally meant: struggling. Thus, those who were to be opposed and labeled as counter-revolutionaries and other traitors against the Mother Land were to be struggled against. Struggling against the bourgeoisie, the intellectuals, land owners, landlords (by now I'm sure you know all the communist buzzwords), became the all encompassing activity of Mao's Red Guards--primarily young students whose minds had been reprogrammed to see those classes as the enemy.

Fast forward to today's America in which we now have a new kind of struggling. Many of you may not followed baseball or even like the sport. But recently, Anthony Bass, a pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays, published a short video in which he decried Target's and Bud Light's (for those of you who have not heard of the controversies you can learn about them here and here) kowtowing to the LGBTQ++++ movement. Bass expressed his opinion that Christians should be not only appalled at such behavior, but outright condemn it. 

As you can guess by now, Bass quickly made an about face and turned tail when the forces of the leftist red guards "struggled" against him. In a report the day after posting the video (which he has since deleted) he expressed remorse for speaking the way he did and for making the LQBTQ+++ "community" feel unwelcome at the park (no doubt at the behest of his corporate masters). 

Bass was but the latest in a long line of those who cave to the pressure exerted by those who "struggle" against them. Many others have also decided that it was best to turn tail, some justifying themselves by saying that it is not worth the price that has to be paid or that the results of their original actions would not be all that great. Better to live to fight another day, they say.

It is essential for Christians to understand that this is just the initial salvo of what will become the true war for the soul of Christianity. In China, struggling against the traitors to the revolution brought millions more deaths on top of the ones experienced during the "Great Leap Forward." But no matter, as long as Mao could secure his place at the head of the country and the Communist Party, all was well. Today, the "strugglers" want to ensure that all that is Christian is erased from public places, the better to re-form society's face in their own image, even if in the process society is laid waste. 

Someone said recently that the only way that the woke ideologues will be able to accomplish their ends is by destroying the family and the church. If we give in, we will be the ones struggling and our struggle will be a lost cause. If we don't remember that the God who controls all things is on our side, we will meekly go into whatever ghettos, spiritual or physical, are prepared for us. In doing so, our shame will be complete and the church's soul will be lost!

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