Saturday, November 20, 2021

The Right To Be An Idiot, Part 2

The other day, during one of his show's podcasts, Ben Shapiro used the phrase "doubling down on stupid" in describing what many leftist commentators and politicians are doing. He said that in the context of what many Democrats and their apologists in the media are doing in trying to justify the recent losses by Democratic candidates in several elections. Just to give you a couple of examples of the fare you will find in the various news outlets as they attempt to justify the unjustifiable are the following. 

Joy Reid, a reporter on MSNBC, claimed that Virginians were demonstrating their support of white supremacy because they voted for a candidate (the Republican now governor-elect) who was a "Trump crony." In addition, a guest on her show accused the lieutenant governor-elect, who is black, of being nothing more than the black face of white supremacy. You see, to the left, if you're not a "progressive" (few terms have been more misused than that one) then something is wrong with you and you're some sort of white supremacist.

Nicole Wallace, a co-worker of Reid, also engaged in the same white supremacy blather in order to try to explain the shellacking that Democrats suffered. Such individuals find it impossible to understand that people don't like to be patronized or that they don't appreciate politicians who support their children being taught that they are somehow of deficient character simply because their skin is white. It doesn't dawn on these elites that continuing to call the people who make it possible for their jobs to exist racists, and worse, is not a good way to guarantee their continued support.

 Along comes the extremely "qualified" secretary of transportation to trump (pardon the pun) all other geniuses with his amazingly insightful comments. In a press conference recently, the man who spent over two months on "paternity leave" told a reporter that he was shocked that people found it strange when he claimed, in effect, that highways are racist. In his telling, some highways were built to divide white and black neighborhoods. Overpasses were built low so buses carrying black and Puerto Rican kids could not pass under them. It doesn't seem to occur to our amazing secretary that, first even if that is the case that was done decades ago and such efforts no longer exist; and second, the same roads used by those kids are used by every other kid who lives in the neighborhood or who has to travel those roads. And the roads will not keep anyone from driving on them based on what the color of their skin is.

Getting back to Mr. Shapiro, he is not a Christian. He is a practicing Jew who, although he has had a number of prominent Christians on his show (John Macarthur perhaps the most outstanding among them), has yet to change his religious outlook. Nevertheless, he is an example of how common grace can give some unbelieving folks more clarity of mind than others. In pointing out the obvious nonsense that the left engages in, he has done us a favor. Remember, these are the folks, in increasing numbers, who are controlling most of the levers of power in our society. Media, education, government are overwhelmingly controlled by people whose political outlook and worldview are godless and Marxist. 

If you call yourself a Christian and you support such behavior or vote for such individuals, then all I can say is shame on you. It would take an amazing lack of discernment to offer support to such shenanigans. If anyone reading this thinks they can make a case for commending such conduct or worldview, then I'd like to hear how they manage to justify such commendation and support!



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