Monday, July 5, 2021

The Inconsistency of the Worldly Mind

As I was walking into work one morning this week, a thought struck me from seemingly nowhere (we know that there are no such things as coincidences or totally serendipitous events; God ordains all things for a particular purpose). I started considering the fact that the human worldly mind seems to have little by way of consistency and coherence. And by that I don't mean that people are unable to make cogent decisions or think coherent thoughts. I mean that, without understanding it, humans will hold to totally contradictory beliefs at the same time. 

 This fact is clearly demonstrated in the abortion issue. There was a pregnant lady that was coming into work just behind me. That got me to thinking that our society, at least for the time being, still celebrates motherhood (although even that is all over the place sometimes) as something that is good and pregnancy as a happy event. I'm sure most of you, if not all, have seen the plethora of "gender revealing" events that take place now a days. These are intended to be a revelation of the baby's sex. This too is a demonstration of the inconsistency of the worldly mind: revealing the baby's sex is a big deal while at the same time the idea that there is anything as a fixed sex is ridiculed!

Getting back to the abortion issue, one sees the celebration that often accompanies pregnancy and juxtaposes it to the ease with which so many end the life of human beings in the womb. On the one hand, great joy is expressed because a new life is coming into the world, while on the other one of the most (perhaps the most) gruesome of all crimes is perpetrated against a creature made in the image of God and unable to do anything to help himself. It is hard to understand how such contradictory thoughts can exist in the same mind. It is one thing for those who value life to believe in its sanctity and to consider a pregnancy and birth blessed events. It is another for those who have little regard for that life to at the same time celebrate another birth. 

The question one is forced to ask is, why? Why be so joyful at another birth when one can look at life with such disdain and with little regard.The answer lies in the fallenness of humanity. The fall affected the whole of each individual human being. Those who argue that man is capable, of his own accord, to come to Christ for salvation ignore this fact. It is true that the body will die at some point unless the Lord comes first. That is the most visible effect of the fall and the curse that God placed on the whole of the human race. But to ignore the fact that the mind, no less than the body, will also die and that it is subject to the same curse as the body is to miss the whole point of the curse. When we read Romans 1, we are struck by the fact that humanity, in its rush to create gods in its own image, were abandoned by God to the basest depravity and to the inability to understand much of anything aright. Thus, we witness how humanity trips all over itself to affirm certain things such as transgenderism, while at the same time celebrating the “sex of the baby.”

Because the mind of man is fallen, he engages in all kinds of illogical, irrational behaviors. Because of that same fallenness, he believes things such as evolution and adamantly holds on to the belief that there is no such thing as truth while at the same time decrying those who do not see things the way he does. What can be more irrational than to deny the existence of absolute truth while at the same time demanding that everyone subscribe to that “truth”?

 In the end, the answer to the whole mess that man has created is the same answer as to every other issue of human existence: the true God and His Christ. When Christ comes into the soul, a whole new perspective, the right perspective, is imparted to the mind of the redeemed. For the first time, the regenerated person is able to see things for what they are, not for what he feels or thinks they are. If you have been so redeemed, thank God that He did not leave you in your ignorance. If not, seek Him while He may be found!

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