Saturday, April 10, 2021

How “Liberalism” Poisons Everything

It was Michael Savage, the unofficial "shock jock" of conservative talk radio, that claimed in a book that "liberalism is a mental disease." I am far from being a Savage fan, but on this issue, howbeit using some hyperbole, he was absolutely correct. One point of clarification needs to be added here, though. The liberalism that Mr. Savage, and I, have in mind is not the classical liberalism of decades past. Rather, it is the liberalism that truly has poisoned everything. It is the liberalism that has become a nasty version of leftism and that is interested in attacking and destroying rather than building.

This latest version of liberalism can be seen in today's political environment. Take the current controversy about Georgia's recently passed voting law, a law that our erstwhile president Biden has called "Jim Crow on steroids." Although the law is as benign as they come, the liberal left has portrayed it as the most awful and biased piece of legislation that has come down the pike in the last, oh 20 years! Every leftist and leftist-beholden company have come out of the woodwork to decry the "prejudice" and "abuse" of minorities that the law is supposed to contain and be based on. We have been treated to claims that it will restrict the ability of minorities to vote. The New York Times (a paper which Ben Shapiro aptly calls "garbage") regaled us with an assessment that it is a Republican "power grab." And why? Because it requires, among other bland and innocent requirements, that those who wish to vote provide identification to the fact that they are, in fact, eligible to vote within the state. How can anything be more prejudiced than that, right!?

As one commentator aptly pointed out, the same corporations that are whining about the law (all of that whining, by the way, not because they are such model citizens, but because it will help their bottom line), require ID's for all sorts of things. Take Delta Airlines as one example. No one would dream of getting on a Delta plane without being prepared to present and ID. Yet, those same people are crying in their soup about the fact that they'll have to present that same ID to voting officials in order to vote. And by the way, those who protest the loudest are not the ones who may be affected by these actions, but they are the do-gooders who see it as their lot in life to complain about anything and everything.

Another segment of the leftist population is complaining that "people may not be able to find the number on their driver's license and may confuse it with some other number on the card." In other words, some people (and presumably mostly minorities, since they are the primary ones in view in the complains) are too stupid to be able to read their drivers license and figure out what its number is (hint, it's the number that says "license number"). As Matt Walsh describes it, "if people are too stupid to find their drivers license number, they are too stupid to vote." It is amazing to me that some folks are so programmed to reject anything that comes from the other side of the political spectrum, that they are unable to see the patronizing attitude that such a complain displays.

And then there's Major League Baseball. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a very committed baseball fan. I grew up with the sport at a time when it was the king of all the pastimes (although it is still called the "national pastime," the truth is that it really lost that title to football some time ago). I played the game through my growing up years and did so in organized fashion until I was 17. I love baseball so much, that I did what can only be termed crazy: I played a couple of years of over 30 baseball when I was in my late 30's! The latest action by the game, however, has left me dumbfounded as well as angry. In response to the Georgia law, MLB decided to pull the All Star game that was scheduled to take place in Atlanta later this summer. The idiocy of such an action is truly breathtaking and shows the utter self-deception that the industry engages in. MLB, completely clueless to its blindness, moved the game to Denver, Colorado, a city that is overwhelmingly white and that has many of the same rules about voting that Georgia just put in place.

Finally, there’s United Airlines. This past week the CEO of that company declared, to great fanfare, that between now and 2030, the airline will ensure that 50% of the 5,000 pilots it will train will be either female or “people of color.” So, there you have it. Pilots will not be selected solely on how competent they are, but primarily it seems on what they look like. As one commentator put it, it will be an honor to die with these pilots who, although they may not be as competent as they should be, at least they look the right way! This, needless to say, is wokeism gone absolutely mad!! It was Martin Luther King, Jr. who famously declared that he wanted a day to come when his children would not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Ironically, the woke of our generation, who to a man would likely count King as one of their heroes, have turned that declaration on its head. They have continued to judge people by the color of their skin, only now they do so based on whether they are “of color” or not. 

The Christian may look at all this and wonder how anyone with a modicum of common sense can believe all the nonsense that is being spewed by leftist hacks. If we examine these actions soberly, though, we will quickly understand that they are the actions of people who are so blinded by their sin, that they are incapable of seeing anything that goes contrary to their preconceptions. The lesson in all this for us, is that we cannot imitate those who engage in such blind exercises. Rather, we need to look at all things in light of the Word of God which alone can help us see everything for what it is, not through the distorted and cloudy lenses of the world.

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  1. Actually, the Savage line was "liberalism is a mental disorder." As for the crazy (and likely to be increasingly crazier) "wokeism"- liberals can do this because they hold to no transcendent moral code. When you are creating policy by subjective and ad hoc predilections rooted in nothing deeper than the preference of the day, and not anchored in an objective standard (read: Christian truth) nothing your fallen imagination can conceive is off limits. Those awash in the pop moral relativism of the day are capable of spinning laws and standards rooted in their love for sin & in their pure antinomianism. I'm afraid in the words of the old Bachman-Turner Overdrive song - "You ain't seen nothing yet..."