Friday, January 22, 2021

A New Day?

"A New Day in America." So blared the headline on the CNN screen during the new president's inauguration (CNN long ago decided to dispense with any pretense to impartiality). Whatever your political, and more importantly, religious bent may be (and if you're reading this it is likely that you at least call yourself a Christian), it is undeniable that it is indeed a "new day" in America. Unfortunately, it is a very dark day in America. Why? Let us review some of the changes that the current administration has brought in its wings.

The Equality Act. Among the changes that this act brings with it is the following. All federally funded entities, from educational programs (college sports teams, school bathrooms) to public accommodations (women’s shelters, locker rooms), would be forced to interpret “sex” to include “gender identity.” In other words, to treat men and women depending on how they identify themselves, jettisoning any appeal to reality to determine who you are. According to the National Review, "already we are seeing the harmful effects of such policies. In the state of Connecticut, two biologically male students who self-identified as transgender finished first and second in an event in the girls’ high-school track championships. In Palm Springs, Calif., three teenage girls encountered a naked man showering in the women’s locker room."

On immigration. According to the New York Times, "an executive order revokes the Trump administration’s plan to exclude non-citizens from the census count, and another overturns a Trump executive order that pushed aggressive efforts to find and deport unauthorized immigrants." In other words, the approximately 11 million people who are here illegally will likely now receive a "get out of jail free card" for their efforts at violating our immigration laws. Many are the ones who loudly proclaim that these folks do the "jobs that Americans will not." The truth, however, is that they in fact take jobs that those Americans who are low-skilled and have little education would be able to procure. The competition the illegals present, however, becomes impossible to overcome since these illegals are often paid lower wages "under the table." A good example of the unintended consequences of good intentions. 

"Gender equality." Another executive order reinforces Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to require that the federal government does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, a policy that reverses action by Mr. Trump’s administration. As we saw above with the Equality Act, the code that the left uses concerning "gender equality" or “identity” leads to discrimination against those of us who stand for biblical morality and the truth that men and women are, in fact, men and women and cannot simply declare themselves the other sex. What effects this will have for those of us working for the federal government remains to be seen. But it is likely that many changes will come in the way of the indoctrination that will take place in the wake of such changes. And that is not to mention what effects it will have on the church.

These are just a few of the changes that have already taken place with many no doubt following in the next few months and years. This is an administration whose world view is diametrically opposed to the Christian faith. In spite of the fact that vice president Kamala Harris loudly proclaimed herself a "person of faith" during the vice-presidential debate, it is obvious to see that neither she nor Biden are anything of the sort. So, if you voted for the Democratic ticket, congratulations! You just made your life as a Christian a lot more difficult.



  1. I know we Christians like to grant lots of latitude in political behavior amongst other Christians (e.g. the right to vote Democrat) - but I must tell you, it is extremely difficult for me to see a Christian voting for any Democratic national candidate. Unless one is convinced that socialism, the theft of high taxes, governmental totalitarianism, baby murder, homosexual "marriage," endless gender categories (to name but a few troubling issues) are consistent with sound gospel understanding. Thus, it seems to me that a vote for Democrats in nation office (as opposed to local office where a candidate might be a rare exception to Democratic moral madness) evidences rejection of a Christian worldview and is thus pretty compelling evidence of unbelief. Could a really, REALLY naive/poorly taught Christian vote for a Democratic national candidate? I suppose. But woe to whoever serves as his local church leadership.

    1. Many excuse themselves by saying something like "but Trump also has a lot of moral problems." True, but so what? Neither Trump nor the Republican Party made activities and positions that are clearly immoral (homosexuality, transgenderism, abortion) a part of their stated platform. The Democratic Party has decided that whatever perversion society pushes for is okay by them. Thus, we now have an administration that will stop at nothing to normalize and defend the indefensible. If one is a Christian and he cannot see that reality, because he has a pet policy that overrides everything else (even morality), then as you aptly point out, one must have church leadership that is either brain dead or astoundingly incompetent. Far too many Christians sleep walk through their lives giving little thought to what goes on around them. They seem to believe that as long as they don't think the way the leaders of the country do then everything is just fine. I wonder what they'll think once the thought and (in)morality police come for them.