Saturday, November 7, 2020

God “rigged” this election for you

Well, as the saying goes, "it is all over, but the singing." As we contemplate the election and the repercussions of such for our future, it behooves us to understand that, as the title of the video says, God is the one who determined the results. There is no such thing as a coincidence or mere random events. God has ordained whatsoever comes to pass, our confession says, and we need to believe it wholeheartedly because it is scriptural and true. Yes, many of us (hopefully all of us who care about the unborn and a number of other moral issues) would have liked to see a different result. But whether the trend holds and Joe Biden becomes president or God decides to work a different outcome, we know that all things are in His hand including us. We need not fret and we need not sound a defeatist horn. On the contrary, we need to stand more firm than ever as the world around us goes from bad to worse. The one thing we must not do is doubt whether this is in God's plan. All things are in God's plan. Some of His plan is for the good of some, His people. Some of His plan is for retribution and the ruin of others, the unbelievers. But it is all holy and good. So, today we rejoice that even in the midst of what seemingly appears to be defeat for the forces of morality and decency, the Lord will gain the victory and the glory!!

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