Saturday, January 19, 2019

"The Least of These"

Forty six years ago this coming Wednesday the nation finally extirpated itself from the quagmire that was the Vietnam war. But only one day earlier on January 22nd, the supreme court handed down its decision that legalized abortion. In the "shadows and penumbras" the highest court of this land found a right for people to murder the unborn. As one posting on the internet puts it "it is hard to believe that this nation has treated the murder of the unborn as a right for 46 years." Exactly. Our nation has sanctioned murder for over four decades and the millions that have been sacrificed at the altar of convenience are an appalling fact. To think that a society that prides itself on its "enlightenment" continues to grind out death after death can only make your head spin. Just one day before we finally ended our participation in the carnage in Vietnam, we sanctioned a carnage that has cost millions more lives than that conflict did. 

How, you may ask, has it come to this. How can a nation that, until comparatively recently in its history was one of the most moral and God-fearing on the face of the earth, allow the wholesale slaughter of a section of its population. In 1835, Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in his famous "Democracy in America" that "America is great because America is good." Now, leaving aside for a moment the theological implications of calling anyone good, the underlying sentiment is correct. America was at one time a nation with a high degree of piety. Even those who did not consider themselves believers in the Christian gospel, would nevertheless abide by its general norms of decorum and decency. Not any more. 

In our day, all that is decent is being jettison in the rush to secure whatever right you happen to demand. The right to declare your gender, the right to marry the same sex, and yes, the right to kill your unborn child have been etched in the ever more malleable stone that is our constitution. We no longer see the obvious for what it is. Now, whatever the world happens to look like to me is what the world in fact is. The obvious bankruptcy of such thinking seems to escape even the most intelligent among us. How can any society survive when it fails to understand even its very identity? If you don't know who you are, how are you going to defend it? The implications of such muddled thinking are too obvious to point out.

And so, the slaughter continues. People who would be horrified at the prospect of a child being allowed to suffer exposure, who shed many tears for children who are left in hot cars to die, and who demand stringent punishments for anyone who abuses children, don't find any problem with the killing of those who are completely helpless. It has gotten so bad, that one of the political parties in this land has basically staked its reputation and political fortunes on providing abortion on demand, subsidized by the federal government. Truly, the mind that is blinded by sin is incapable of seeing the truth for what it is. How many are happily marching to hell while all along smelling the flowers along the way. We can only pray and hope that God in his infinite mercy will awaken them before they reach the inevitable end of their rotten journey.

When we contemplate the celebration that women in Ireland engaged in when the high court of that country legalized abortion, we understand that our world has literally lost is collective mind. We have descended to the place where we not only engage in monstrous and murderous behavior, but we also celebrate it. A recent trailer for an anti-abortion movie, motivated a female reporter to complain that the trailer was full of nothing but "males." As though we should somehow give more credence to women who agree that murdering children is a good thing simply because they are the ones bearing them. I can only hope that the Lord will extend mercy to those who engage in such practices. And, that is not an empty hope. Remember that Paul was a rabid persecutor and murderer. But he was the object of God's mercy. So have we and so can anyone the Lord chooses to extend such mercy to. May He be pleased to free many from the clutches of such depravity. In the end, that is only thing that can free us from this chain.


  1. I long ago backed away from describing the U.S. as a "Christian country." To whatever degree that may have been a reasonable term some nearly 250 years ago, it long since ceased to be.

    It is true that I am a man, and thus cannot be pregnant nor have an abortion, but I reserve the right - and in fact, demand the right - to say that abortion is perhaps the singularly most wicked practice in a world filled with wicked practices. For a woman to deliberately and cruelly slaughter her unborn child in the name of expediency, or some misguided sense of moral high ground (e.g. the abhorrent so-called "right to choose") is beneath contempt and thoroughly barbarous.

    It is not the "unforgivable sin," and many women have repented of this evil, and found forgiveness in the Lord. But to estimate it as less than atrocious murder is simply ungodly sophistry.

    1. You are so right. It is appalling to see our nation continue to go down the proverbial drain. Seems the more we know about life, when it begins and how it develops, the more contempt we have for it. I can't help but think that the atheistic "morality" that has been imposed on our ever increasing secular society is to blame. If we're all just random events in a random universe, then morality and truth are whatever you say they are. Thanks!