Sunday, February 21, 2016

Of Multiverses and Floating Brains!

Now and then I read books or watch programs that deal with evolution and the origin of life on earth. The other day I was watching a debate between a young earth creationist and a so-called theistic evolutionist. As the program developed, it became evident that the theistic evolutionist had very little of the theistic and a lot of the evolutionist in him! One of the ideas he held was that you can be a Christian and believe that the account of creation as found in Genesis is completely wrong.

I always find it curious how so many trip all over themselves to try and accommodate what the Word of God says to what the world believes. The theistic evolutionary movement is just another one in a long line of such efforts. Why people who supposedly believe in God and His revelation—though in some cases rather loosely—would expend so much energy trying to fit the Bible to the ideas of men is beyond me. And often it is to men who have little to no desire to learn about God and who do not even believe in Him in the first place! If the Word of God cannot stand the scrutiny of man, then what good is it? If we’re so terrified that the Bible is going to be found wanting by the mind of man, are we really so convinced that it is true after all?

The natural man is constantly trying to find a way to have creation and nature without the need for God. And this is not new. Not only have men been attempting to find ways to explain creation in purely naturalistic terms, but they have also been suppressing the knowledge of God they have for the entirety of history. Romans chapter one outlines how men have gone about suppressing the innate knowledge of God that they all have. And they do so in order to engage in the perversions that Paul describes near the end of the chapter. No one is born an atheist. He becomes so as sin enters his life and he becomes corrupted. What better way would there be for man to indulge his passions without restraint and without consequences than to declare that there is no God? In the words of Nietzsche “God is dead. We have killed Him.”

I don’t know how many of the theories of the origin of life you’ve heard about, but I recently came across a couple that really show how ridiculous people can be in their pursuit of a God free world. The first of these is the Multiverse theory. As the theory goes, most prominently described by Stephen Hawking, since the chances of life originating on earth the way it has come to be are so astronomical, there is probably an infinite number of universes and, with such a possibility, then the chances that at least one of them would have life become much smaller. Of course, there is nothing that Hawking or anyone else can offer as evidence that such a thing exists. But hey, all we have to do is make stuff up to fit our wishes and, presto, it’s all good! This is the same individual who tells us in his book “The Grand Design” (how’s that for an ironic title?) that the universe could have created itself because, according to the laws of physics and quantum theory, such a thing could happen. Hmmn, I wonder if anyone could come up with a more brilliant theory??!! Among the many problems with such an idea is the fact that, if the universe did come into being from an endless number of random events, then how in the world can we even do science in the first place? Science depends on predictability and randomness would destroy the idea that there can be any such things as laws!

Or how about another completely “rational” theory. According to the theory, reality is not really reality (try saying that five times fast). Instead, we are all floating brains which actually exist in a vacuum. Our memories and all that we think we see, hear, and experience are actually illusions that come and go every few seconds. So, the fact that I’m typing this is not actually happening. Rather, I only think it’s happening. Thus, we don’t need to explain any such thing as the universe or reality itself, since it is all the product of the giant brain that is floating in nothingness. I wonder if the female floating brains are any more intelligent than the male ones—just like it is in the real world!

A thought (no pun intended) occurred to me the other day that, although seemingly obvious, we seem to ignore all the time. When sin came into the world, it did not only affect the spirit and the physical body of man, it also affected the mind. And that is what we see when we read such nonsense as what I have just described. It takes a corrupt, sin-sickened mind to come up with such theories and, worse yet, believe that they somehow are rational and perfectly believable. You are considered a cave man if you believe in such a thing as a personal, benevolent God, but you can believe all the nonsense about multiverses and floating brains and that’s...perfectly reasonable?

Getting back to our theistic debater, he will tell you with a straight face that he can be a “Christian” and believe that the creation story in Genesis is not true. Or you can also believe that Jesus was simply using an allegory or figurative language when he referred to the creation story as fact. Or, the writers of the New Testament were either exaggerating or mistaken when they told those stories. The website the individual runs says “The Bible is the greatest book ever written. It contains the writings of great men of God who were largely inspired by Him. However, like any other document, it is not absolutely perfect, and in some places it is badly flawed.” (Emphasis mine)) It also informs us that the website exists to “reconcile Christianity with accepted science.” And why not? In order to believe the things they do, it has to be that way.

So, the next time you see or hear about theistic evolution, you can pretty much ignore it. It is nothing more than an attempt by the Devil to once again deceive us the way he deceived Eve: “Hath God said…?”


  1. My brain is floating through the multiverse, but thinks it's just in a vaccuum! Thanks for the great article, Mike.

  2. My brain is floating through the multiverse, but thinks it's just in a vaccuum! Thanks for the great article, Mike.

  3. My pleasure. Glad you found it useful. If you ever find something in the articles that you find objectionable, don't be shy and let me know. I'm always looking for folks to teach me a thing or two! Thanks again.

  4. Completely agree with you assessment here. Multiverses is pure fantasy without a shred of evidence to support it. More importantly, the fact that supposedly intelligent, educated people are promoting such silly ideas is an implicit admission of the impossibility of other atheistic origins theories.

    1. Mark, it is rather difficult to understand how anyone would believe this sort of stuff; especially those who, in the human sense, are admittedly, quite brilliant. But it goes to the effect sin has on the whole being, mind, body and soul. Thanks for your comments.