Tuesday, July 16, 2024

The Mind of Christ

This past week (two Sundays ago), I spoke from the pulpit about the mind of Christ and what it means for us as Christians. I mentioned that Paul spoke of the mind of Christ in the context of that attitude serving as the ultimate example for us to follow. What is the mind of Christ? We would ask. We are, thankfully, not left to wonder just what Christ's mind and attitude really are.

Saturday, June 29, 2024

Progressing...Right Into The Grave

One of the most common things that those on the left side of the ideological divide do is to engage in the  constant use of euphemisms. It is not abortion, or more accurate the murder of unborn children, it's "reproductive rights." It's not the mutilation, castration, and destruction of the bodies of children, it's "gender affirming care." There are many others, but these are enough to get the point across. The end goal is to change language to such an extent that words really don't mean anything anymore. The better to obfuscate and confuse so that the remaking of our society continues in the background.

Thursday, June 20, 2024

"It's Not Us In Here, It's Them Out There"

Human nature is a pesky thing. The natural tendency that man has is to always look at the problems of our society or his own personal ones and point his finger at someone else. Even within our own circles of influence, our home, our friends, our workplaces, that urge to play the blame game does not change. This tendency to blame others began at the dawn of human history. Remember what Adam said to God when He came looking for him and Eve after they had sinned: "the woman you gave me," you remember the rest. And I'm sure that you have witnessed little children time and time again blaming their siblings or their little friends for what they themselves did wrong.